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Business Card Holder Unique

This red card holder is unique and will show your business message and address on each hand. It is 10x7x3 in. And has a 7 oz weight. It is made of durable materials and will keep your business cards looking good.

Top 10 Business Card Holder Unique

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Cheap Business Card Holder Unique

This unique angelic brass business card holder is a must-have for any office that needs to keep your business cards close at hand. This holder is made of brass and is just the right amount of sturdy. It can be customized to your needs and is also available in a variety of colors and designs. this unique business card holder is perfect for your office! It's made with art deco design and is associated with c. Associates, a well-known firm in the industry. It's made from stainless steel material and is hand-made using your own hand-drawn designs. It is an excellent way to show your company's name and logo well in the crowd. looking for a unique way to add function to your desk garage shop? try the heat sink towers business card holder! This holder has different ornaments to suit your style, from a plant! the perfect business card holder for those with a three-bit heart shape. The design is a mix of bright green and black, making it a great choice for businesses with a visual impact. This holder also includes a variety of card sleeves, so you can create the perfect look for your business.