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Index Card Holder With Dividers

Our index card holder with dividers and index make it easy to keep track of your important cards in different areas of your room. The stylish design is sure to make your space more inviting and comfortable.

Index Card Holder With Dividers Walmart

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Index Card Holder With Dividers Amazon

This is a great business card holder for keeping your jelisi name card in one place! The dividers make it clear what is being held, and the index section makes it easy to find what you're looking for. The green and black finish is perfect for any design. this index cardholder with dividers is great for keeping track of your card splits. It's sturdy and perfect for the often-vague index tab in the middle of a 10-pack trading card set. this is a beautiful card holder with dividers that is perfect for your business or desk. The jielisi name card box business card holder for desk with dividers and index e2m9 is a beautiful and sturdy piece of gear. It has two tiers for different types of cards, and comes with a handy divider for separating them. It's also comfortable to hold and definitely makes a statement. It can hold any type of document, including cards. It's also built to be used as a desk accessory too, with its narrow dividers and strong bases.