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One Touch Card Holder

This ultra pro one-touch card holder is perfect for holding a wide variety of cards. It is 55pt point magnetic and features a quick release system for easy on-the-go use. The case also features a built-in card reader and comes with a variety of cleaning and care options.

One Touch Magnetic Card Holder

If you're looking for a way to keep your cards organized and organized quickly, one touch magnetic card holder is the perfect solution! It's a simple design that can be customized to your needs, and it's easy to use.

Ultra Pro Card Holder

This ultra pro card holder comes with 130pt point magnetic card holders in 5 packs. It is perfect for holding a variety of cards, from the normal a4 size to the new and exciting plus size cards. The card holder also features a one-and-done symbol that makes card handling faster and easier. this ultra pro one-touch thick card holder is perfect for holding your cards. It is ultra-thin and 1-inch thick, making it very durable. It fits any card size, and can be easily attached with aitches or earrings. the ultra pro one-touch magnetic card holder 35pt point 5 pack comes in 5 packages, each containing 25 cards. It is easy to find just by the package number. The card holder is easy to use just by a mouseover button. The button makes it easy to grab 25 cards at once. The card holder is the perfect way to keep your cards safe and easy. the ultra pro 35pt one touch magnetic trading card holder is a new type of card holder that offers an ultra-clear protection against counterfeiting and is ideal for use in stores card-holder. Org shopping. This card holder is also easy to use, offering a 35pt impact feedback which makes it a perfect choice for busy retail employees.