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Plastic Canvas Card Holder

This graduation gift card holder is a great way to keep your gift card close and convenient. It is made from plastic canvas and has a graduation boy design. The holder also holds other gift cards, such as for restaurants.

Plastic Canvas Card Holders


Free Pattern For Playing Card Holder

This is a beautiful handmade needlepoint plastic canvas gift card holder for the blue bunny. You will love the beautiful blue needlespeep detail on the card. This gift card holder is perfect for any gift that is related to a love of cards or for using as a symbol of love. the snowman gift card holder is a great way to keep your cards cold and your christmas spirit big this season! The card holder has a unique pattern that will make your christmas feel like a original experience, while the cold wallet design keeps your cards cold. this wonderful vince date card holder from 1996 coliseum pvc canvas is perfect for holder up to 6th anniversary cards and is also a great choice for atheists or those who want to avoid looking like idiots at a carnival or savio party. This plastic canvas card holder is made from 120*60*60 inches and is made to last for up to 12 years with perfect flow. this plastic canvas card holder is a unique and unique way to give something special to someone else this winter. This gift card holder is made with handcrafted needlepoint plastic, which is a beautiful and deep blue. It looks great as is, or used as a great addition to any room in your home.