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Plastic Wallet Card Holder

This is a great deal on a plastic wallet card holder trifold 12pg! The card holder is made from plastic and has a 12 pg capacity, so it can fit a wide range of card types. The trifold allows for easy accessibility to your banking and account information, so it's perfect for the busy mom out there.

Plastic Card Holder Wallet

The best plastic card holder wallet for your computer is the one you will love. It's stylish and perfect for taking into work or home. You'll love the way it holds more cards than you know what to do with.

Plastic Business Card Holder Wallet

This is a plastic business card holder wallet that is2 usa made. The cover is made of 600dth recycled plastic and the cards are also made of 600dth recycled plastic. The card holder is for the benefit of customers and is perfect for holding card material such as business cards, affidavit of abstract images, resume, etc. This plastic business card holder wallet is a great addition to the overall design of your company and makes customers feel special when they need to grab a card from your wallet. this is a wallet replacement card holder made of alpine swiss plastic. It converter is what you need to find the perfect style and quantity of these holder. This card holder is perfect for any windows 10 device. this 6 card holder wallet insert replacement picture card holder trifold is perfect for your coffee shop, work place, or home. Made of durable plastic, it's easy to hold and keep your cards safe and sound. this is a plastic pocket card holder with a clear picture of a wallet inside. It is perfect for carrying cards with you on the go. The trifolder offers a new way to keep your wallet safe and easy to access.