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Wooden Bingo Card Holders

This is a luxurious wooden pencil holder with 4 pens that you can use to play theloteria mexicana game. With this holder, you can store your cards and 4 pens in one place, making it the perfect place to play the loteria mexicana game.

Wooden Bingo Card Holder

How to make a wooden bingo card holder 1. Cut a piece of wood about 30 inches wide and 30 inches long. Clamp the wood together at the top with a piece of metal to batter or wood. Place the metal or wood at the base of the wood so that it is difficult to move the wood. Ncamake a piece of string and tie a knot in the string at the top of the bingo card holder. Place the bingo card in the string and pull tight. Enjoy your new bingo card holder!

Wooden Bingo Card Holders Amazon

This is a vintage wooden bingo card holders. 6 caged cards, 2 balls, 1 ship, and place mat. New for this purchase is the 1st ever brass cage cards - these will be perfect for use in our more large games. We also include the 1st ever balls in the set - these will help keep the game more excitement and fun. And lastly, we include the amazing! New! Ship! This is a must-have for any wooden bingo game lover! this is a vintage wooden bingo card holder! These 6 brass cage cards balls and ships are new! They are in great condition with no scratches or damage. These bingo card holders are perfect for your collection! this is a beautiful luxurious wooden pencil holder with 4 pens. Perfect for holding your game while you walk around the room. Perfect for the loteria mexicana player or any one that wants to feel like a celebrity! This is a great addition to any room! this luxury wooden pencil holder with 4pens is perfect for holding your game cards and pens. With two options to choose from, this holder is sure to provide a touch of luxury to your space.